Goodbye, Java

17 July 2020

Some time ago I switched from Java to JavaScript for all my pet projects. It was a HUGE relief and I never looked back. When a customer asks me to code in Java, my hair stands up and I run like a rabbit who spotted the wolf. Here is why:

Writing and refactoring serious Java apps on my MacBook Air was a pain. Everything was slow, and it took years to re-index, re-compile, run, test, and refactor stuff. JVM, IntelliJ, Gradle, Spring are damn too heavy. When you work on a multi-module project, your laptop produces enough noise to wake up neighbors, and enough heat to cook pancakes:

Pancakes cooking on a laptop

You need a super-powerful machine to program with comfort in Java. Or a portable mainframe. No money – no honey.

If you code JavaScript, that’s not a problem at all. You can hack JS on your 5-years old laptop and have fun. Working on a huge multi-module project? No problems. β € Recently I upgraded my MacBook Air to the latest MacBook Pro. Yes, Java flies on it and I can’t anymore heat my apartment while waiting for the compilation to complete. But I don’t think we should be buying expensive hardware to be able to program with comfort. It prevents many people from learning and enjoying programming. 1000$ for a laptop to be able to write code? Thanks, but no.

I vote for languages that are a pleasure to use on any laptop – JS, Python, Go. β € I love you, Java, but f*ck you! πŸ–•

Me wearing Fuck You Java t-shirt

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