My Ten Favorite Command-Line Utilities

29 June 2019

Depending on tools that you use, Terminal can either make you productive or slow you down. Below you will find ten command-line tools and utils that make me more productive.

Me Hacking

1️⃣ tldr is a better and simpler version of man pages. When I forget how to use a certain unix utility, such as chmod, there is no better solution than typing tldr chmod.

2️⃣ fx is an awesome JSON processor for the command line. You can display, filter, and transform JSON without leaving the command line.

3️⃣ autojump is a cd command on steroids. autojump learns which directories you use and makes switching between them easier.

4️⃣ exa is a modern replacement for ls. It looks nicer, uses colours to distinguish file types and metadata, knows about symlinks, extended attributes, and Git.

5️⃣ bat is a modern replacement for cat. It supports syntax highlighting for a large number of programming and markup languages.

6️⃣ fd is a better and simpler version of find. I still can’t use find effectively after being a Linux user for 10 years, but I have no problems understanding fd.

7️⃣ fzf is a fuzzy finder for a command-line or an interactive version of grep. It’s a great tool to filter stuff like logs, process stats, or files, because unlike grep, you can type as you think and look through the current results. Like a boss: fd . ~/Desktop | fzf.

8️⃣ tmux allows me to open and manage multiple split-views in one terminal. Spend 15 minutes learning tmux and boost your productivity 10x.

9️⃣ micro is a modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor. If you don’t like Vim, Emacs and Nano, you’ll like micro. It even has a mouse support!

🔟 httpie is an awesome Http client for the command-line. It’s a curl alternative with intuitive syntax, JSON support, syntax highlighting, and wget-like downloads.

⤵️ Bonus utils for awesome developers

🎁 fselect is a utility for searching files with SQL-like syntax. Isn’t the following query self-describing? fselect name from . where name = '*.mp3' and size gt 1mb