How To Learn Git

17 June 2019

Git has become a de-facto tool for code versioning and must be part your toolbox. Let me share five free resources that will help you learn and understand Git better.

Me Hacking

1️⃣ Getting Started - the best and most straightforward guide for getting started with Git. No complicated stuff, only the basic commands.

2️⃣ Learn Git concepts – an interactive tutorial meant to teach you how Git works, not just which commands to execute.

3️⃣ Branching Guide – an interactive and visual tutorial has helped me understand and use Git branching effectively.

4️⃣ Flight Rules – an excellent guide that I use when things go wrong, and I have no idea how to fix the issue. Unlike StackOverflow answers, this guide is kept up to date with the latest Git version.

5️⃣ Cheat Sheet – it’s very convenient to keep a printed Git Cheat Sheet on your desk. It helps you look up commands quickly without Googling.