How To Find Time For Reading

16 June 2019

I know how hard it is to find time for reading a book, but reading is essential for a software developer.

Me Hacking

I read roughly 30 pages a day and almost have no special reading timΠ΅.πŸ“š πŸ•

How does it work?

I always carry a book in a backpack or have an eBook downloaded on my phone.

Then I try to:

  • read while standing in a queue
  • read while waiting for lunch being served
  • read while waiting for someone
  • read while commuting (bus, train, taxi, plane)
  • read while walking (here be dragons)

If you read 30 page a day, or approximately 2 books a month, in a few years you’ll have a good understanding of industry best practices and distinguish yourself from nearly everyone around you. πŸŽ“