How To Find Freelance Work

13 June 2019

Developers usually ask me – I am ready to build things, but how do I find clients? Let me give you some hints. Some of them are harsh, but who said that freelancing is easy?

Me Hacking

  • Have a portfolio. Create a website where you list projects that you have successfully delivered. If you haven’t created anything – that should be your priority. Most probably, you’ll do it for free. Demonstrate your skills by creating a website, an app, or a fresh design, depending on what services do you offer. The idea should not necessarily be unique – it can be just another todo app.

  • Contribute to open-source. If you contribute to a successful open source project, it gives you extra credibility. A good thing about open source is that a successful project should not be yours, but you can associate yourself with the project because you are part of it. Very often, project leaders list contributors on the official project website, and you can get noticed.

  • Create a professionally looking UpWork, Fiverr and Toptal profiles. Add your portfolio there. When you are beginning, you have to set a competitive price. As you gain experience and build the portfolio, you can start charging more for your services.

  • Learn social media marketing. When you work for a company, the company does marketing and sales for you. When you start freelancing, you must learn good marketing and sales techniques; otherwise, you won’t survive. You must establish a strong social media presence and build your brand. Share professional tips, your achievements, your offerings in your circles – it can be social networks, your blog, or both. Use social networks such as LinkedIn or Instagram to offer your services to prospective customers.

  • Hang out with people. Good projects don’t fall from clouds; you have to chase them. It’s essential to surround yourself with people and learn to build relationships. Attend meetups, conferences, expos, and talk to people. Ask what problem they have and offer solutions. To get noticed, you must be visible. To get remembered, you must remind about yourself.

Remember that freelancing is not for everyone. To succeed as a freelancer, in addition to coding, you should learn marketing and sales. You should also tolerate unstable income. There are safer options, such as remote working. Here you can find a list of awesome remote companies.

Good luck and enjoy your journey!