CSS Frameworks That I Use

12 June 2019

I do a lot of front-end development, and building UI is part of the job. I have tried many UI component libraries in action, and here is a top 4 list of my favorites. ⠀

Me Hacking CSS

  • Bulma is powerful yet straightforward CSS framework. It’s open source, responsive, and modular. It’s pure CSS and works with any JS framework. Bulma is my go-to solution for most of my projects. ❤️ I love you, Bulma.

  • Bootstrap is the most popular design toolkit. The power of Bootstrap lies in thousands of free and commercial themes available for download. Since Bootstrap is not pure CSS and relies heavily on JS, there are different non-official Bootstrap implementations available for Vue, Angular, and React. That’s why I choose Bulma, when possible.

  • Matter is a set of Material Design components, written in pure CSS. You add a single CSS class to your HTML element, and it gets “materialized.” When my customers prefer Google Material Design, I choose Matter.

  • Element is a component library for Vue.js. I love Vue, and when it comes to choosing a component library, I prefer Bulma. But Bulma misses some advanced components, such as steps or infinite scroll. In that case, I rely on Element.

What UI component library do you use?