My Favorite JavaScript Libraries

8 June 2019

Every day I write a lot of JavaScript code. Here is the top 5 libraries that I use across different projects.

Me Hacking

Day.js β€” a fast 2kB library that simplifies working with dates. I like it more than heavy moment.js – it’s lightweight and has lots of useful extensions.

Axios.js β€” a flexible HTTP client that uses promises. It works in all browsers and in Node.js.

Commander.js β€” a library for creating command-line apps. Sometimes I am too lazy to build graphical user interface (GUI).

Debug.js – a library that you should use if you’re still writing console.log() statements. It makes debugging much easier!

Cheerio – it’s a jQuery for the server, useful for HTML traversing. When a website does not have an API, you can download the HTML and process it with Cheerio. Works like charm!

What are you favorite JS libraries?