How To Get A Tech Job

7 June 2019

If you are looking for a job in tech, here is what you can do to maximize your chances.

Me Hacking

Personalize. Make the company feel unique and special. You are not just looking for a job, but you want to work in this particular company. Nowhere else. You should know everything about the company – what they are doing, who works there, what tech the company is using. Play with their web product, install their mobile app. Recommend it to your friends. Report a bug.

Create a demo app. Look at the job requirements and start learning about the technology that the company uses. Ideally, create a small demo app that demonstrates your skills. The app should be related to the company’s business. That also demonstrates that you give a shit!

Prove that you can learn fast. If you don’t know some piece of tech, admit it and tell that you are ready to learn. If you can tell a real-world story where you learned something new quickly – good for you. Great companies don’t need all-knowers. They need fast-learners.

Establish public presence. A tech blog, for example, gives you extra credibility. The blog shows that you enjoy sharing your knowledge and keeping up with trends. And you are also disciplined enough to keep it up to date!

Have an “insider”. If you have an insider who can introduce you to recruiters or interviewers – that’s great. People will be friendlier to you because they know you, or people in their circles know you. Attend tech meetups and conferences to meet people face-to-face, have a nice conversation and gain insiders.