React, Angular or Vue. Which Framework Is The Best?

6 June 2019

Every day developers ask me which framework is the best – React, Vue or Angular. The answer is – neither. All three frameworks are good.

Me Hacking

This is not the best question to ask. You should be asking instead – what do I want to achieve? For example:

1. I want to find a job, which framework should I choose?

First, understand where do you want to work and what framework does the company use. Choose the framework that the company is using. If you don’t know, go for React because it’s the most popular framework today.

2. I want to build a startup, which framework should I choose?

Choose a framework that you and your team know better. If you build a product, time-to-market and quality are the most important factors. The better you know the tool, the faster you can deliver the product and with higher quality.

3. I want to learn web development, which framework should I choose?

A lot of grey area here :-) WHY do you want to learn? To find a job? Then check question 1. To build a startup? Check question 2. To learn something new? Pick any framework, because they all will make you a better developer and expand your knowledge.

To ask the right questions is already half the solution to a problem. Learn to ask the right questions, my friends!